About Us

There are 44 chapters across Canada with Blanketeers providing much loved blankets full of hugs to children going through a crisis in their lives.

From young children who have lost a parent or sibling, to a youth watching his home burn down, to teens diagnosed with cancer or other debilitating disease.

There are many different kinds of needs, not all of which can be filled by a bureaucracy. When the world goes crazy and a child feels like a speck of dust, the gift of a blanket from someone who made it with love and care is huge. Someone who doesn't know the child but knows their need to feel safe and warm, loved and cared for in a life gone crazy; someone who made this for them to hug and to hold and wrap themselves up in without asking for anything in return.

People armed with only needles, hooks, yarn and fabric have been knitting, crocheting and sewing useful and comforting blankets for strangers in places far away, lives far from their own, even if only just across town.

Project Linus in Canada was founded in 1998 by Rona Kleiman. She was a Chapter Coordinator under the umbrella of Project Linus worldwide when Karen Loukes-Baker was still the National Coordinator. The new American National Board of Project Linus had to close their borders because of the many different monetary factions and the difficulties of dealing with their IRS and the financial recordings of the many different currencies.

Thus, the chapters around the world had to fend for themselves and Rona picked up the reins and worked to get us our Registered Charity status in Canada. She worked hard as our National Coordinator for sixteen years and all the Blanketeers across the country appreciate her efforts to keep Project Linus alive in Canada.