How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest in Project Linus Canada.

You can help in many different ways:

Make a blanket

Make a blanket and donate it to your local Project Linus Canada chapter. They will take your blanket to a facility where it will be given to a deserving individual.

Because every blanket that is donated to a child is theirs to keep, we are always in need of blankets.

Go to our Chapter Map Locator and click on a chapter in your area. The contact information will be provided for Chapter Coordinators. If you have time to help organize, sort, mark blankets or distribute them let the Coordinator know. If you knit, crochet, or sew, chapters are always looking for interested Blanketeers willing to share their talents.

Get others involved. If you are passionate about sewing, knitting or crocheting and other family members and friends share that passion, encourage them to join you in helping the chapter in your area by providing some much needed Project Linus blankets.

Donate a stash of fabric or other items

Donate a stash of fabric, notions, yarn, needles or gift cards to the chapter in your area to assist them in their program of supplying blankets to partners who can utilize them. Sometimes there are individuals who, due to fixed incomes and other factors, cannot supply their own yarn or fabric but want to be a part of Project Linus Canada. With a cash donation, Chapter Coordinators are able to augment supplies already donated so these individuals can feel included in a fun project.

A tax-deductible monetary gift

If you are able, donate a tax-deductible monetary gift. Receipts are provided for donations of $25.00 and over. Please make the cheque out to Project Linus. You can mail it or give it to the chapter of your choice or mail direct to Project Linus Canada indicating which chapter you want to support and the funds will be directed there. We retain 10% of all donations for the operational expenses of running the program.

There are many expenses involved in maintaining Project Linus Canada. Normal expenses for our organization are: blanket labels, printing, office supplies, accounting and auditing. We work very hard at keeping our expenses as low as possible to ensure that 90% of any donation will be used at the Chapter level.

In addition, at the chapter level: expenses of fabric, batting, yarn and other blanket-making supplies are always in demand.

Donations of services such as printing or photocopying, stamps, envelopes, stationary and mailing labels are necessary at both levels of Project Linus Canada.

Open a chapter in your area

Contact us and let us know of your interest in setting up a chapter in your area. We have an information package that we will send to you with important information to help you get started.