Blanket Making Tips

  • Quantity isn't always in the best interests of Project Linus Canada. 1 metre of fleece can make two smaller blankets but it also makes one tween/teen blanket. Remember we need blankets for big teenagers too!
  • For crocheters, one of our Blanketeers found a "Granny Rectangle" pattern which uses the same amount of yarn as a Granny Square afghan but is more suitable for a toddler to teen blanket.
  • Take some time to put a little tender loving care into your blankets. It is sure to be loved by the individual who receives it!
  • Always check blankets carefully for pins. Check, double check and triple check it please. It is better that YOU find that pin and not the child who receives your blanket.
  • Do not use any embellishments such as buttons that could be swallowed; a very serious choking hazard for young children.
  • Be extra careful when using cloth paint. It tends to stick together when washed and spoils the blanket, so use sparingly.
  • Do not use yarn for tying blankets, it works its way out of the quilt. We suggest embroidery floss. Anchor it every 4"- 6" with a strong knot and cut ties to 1 inch or less in length.

Fabric softener & perfume

  • Most public places do not want you to use perfume anymore and neither does Project Linus Canada. Some blankets come smelling so strong, after 3 washes, still can't be used.
  • If you are spraying perfume on the blanket to make it smell fresh and fragrant, then you have only ruined all your hard work. Please refrain from using perfume or febreeze to try and cover up any odors in the yarn.
  • If you are not doing this but working on the blankets with strong perfumes on your clothing etc, please consider to refrain from doing this as one coordinator recently washed a blanket 3 times trying to get the perfume odor out and couldn't – thus it ended up going to another charity organization which accepts blankets that don't meet our Project Linus Canada standards. That is not what we want for our Project Linus blankets.
  • The same applies to perfumed fabric sheets and soaps.  We have discovered that some people store their blankets or fabrics with pieces of soap or fabric sheets between the layers to keep the fabric smelling fresh.  However, it has the same effect as perfumes.  We would appreciate that practice being discontinued for blankets and fabric being used for Project Linus Canada. It is very difficult to wash out the perfumed odour.  Again, we are considering the condition of some of the children receiving our blankets and their sensitivity to strong odours.

Charity Blankets

  • We are not in need of 'charity blankets'. We are a non-profit registered Charity. We use top quality fabric and yarn for children who need the security of a blanket filled with the love of a stranger helping them through a crisis. It's a blanket to cuddle under, not keep warm under.
  • We will not accept blankets with fabric that is old and faded. One Chapter Coordinator recently received a blanket where the fabric had a white line running down it, which means it's been sitting folded for so many years, it will not come out. Seeing this kind of quality standard is disappointing. We wouldn't even want to send this blanket to a third world mission; it looked like we didn't care enough to use decent fabric.
  • It's also important to think of the blanket size you are making. If you have made a beautiful quilt top suitable in size and pattern for a teenager, then attempt to make the backing a suitable print as well. A baby print backing spoils the teenage look of the blanket. It may sound like we are getting very picky but we like to give top quality blankets to our recipients. The quality of blankets that come in is amazing so keep in mind that a teenager or a young tween doesn't want to be thought of as a baby. And in the same token, a baby blanket with an older child's fabric is a waste of the fabric as well.


  • Yarn stored in mothballs can't be used for Project Linus blankets.
  • Even after washing several times, the odour is still there and they cannot be used in hospital and other settings. We just can't accept them.
  • We wash every blanket before it is labelled for Project Linus Canada. We have accepted this quality control role as part of our duties as a Chapter Coordinator. But we are also using our own appliances and water and find it frustrating when we need to wash a blanket several times trying to rid it of chemical odors.
  • We will accept them and find a home for them in animal shelters etc if they will accept them but they will not have a Project Linus Canada label on them. All Chapter Coordinators have been notified to not spend time washing these blankets or labelling them. They will not be used for Project Linus Canada.
  • We are proud of the blankets provided to all the partners that have been created between Project Linus Canada and organizations helping children in any traumatic situation. They are beautifully crafted and show the love and care they have taken to create them for Project Linus Canada.

We welcome you to become a Blanketeer and our Do's and Don'ts are factors we have found that spoil the wonderful blankets.